A 5 to 20 session residency designed to explore Western New York’s history through ties to the Underground Railroad and performing and literary arts.

FOR GRADE LEVELS: 4 through 12


  • To provide students with exposure to exemplary and diverse African American artists that use art as a vehicle to explore history and articulate their responses to this history
  • To help students increase their oral, written and nonverbal communication skills through the exploration of Underground Railroad history
  • Increase understanding regarding racial and ethnic disparities and to increase opportunities to interact across racial/ethnic lines
  • Increase educational attainment of students in both the City of Buffalo and rural schools
  • Promote knowledge of and pride in the region’s social history specific to the Underground Railroad in Western New York
  • To help students link the cultural resistance and resilience associated with the Underground Railroad movement to their own value and pride
  • To encourage students to examine how history is written, who it is written by and why that is important

Featuring Artists

Annette Daniels Taylor, Lead Artist

Van Taylor

Dr. Phyllis Thompson

Ntare Ali Gault and Njozi Poets

Robin Monique and Le Ballet Touba

Our series premieres have been completed.  The series has been created with the support of the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo.

If you are interested in learning details of the residency or individual programs, and possibly bringing it to your school, click through here to learn more.

This interactive program has been designed to increase community understanding regarding racial and ethnic disparities. Underground Railroad Project provides the opportunity for children and families to learn about our region’s past and to work with African American artists. The residency is designed for grades 4-12. Our goal is to offer the residency in 20 schools in 2010-2011.