AnnetteStudents at Community Action Organization’s 21st Century after school program (housed at Public School #39) are created and recorded an original radio drama called Quiet in the Studio as part of a multi-session arts residency taught by award winning playwright Annette Daniels-Taylor. Young Audiences of Western New York is presented the program in collaboration with Community Action Organization of Erie County, Inc.

Inspired by the old-time radio shows Little Orphan Annie and The Green Hornet, students in grades K-6 developed an original plot that centers around a mysterious new substitute teacher, Miss. Ian, who transforms their classroom in unforeseen ways.

“When they start reading the script they helped write, as the characters they helped create, and editing their copy after rehearsals and listening to themselves after recording, they are hooked! They are hooked on radio theatre!,” said Daniels-Taylor, lead teaching artist for the program. “They’re so interested in refining what they’ve created. They seem to learn instantly how to improve what they’ve just done right after the first rehearsal reading.”

Each Monday and Thursday, students learn about the tradition of radio programming for entertainment and to create their own storyline, characters, and script. Each student gains on the spot training in making sound effects with found objects, microphone technique, radio acting, and radio direction or “sign language.”

Quiet in the Studio teaches students team-building, listening skills, writing and editing, acting, public speaking, technology and creative thinking skills and practice,” said Daniels-Taylor.

LISTEN HERE: WBFO’s Joyce Kryszak recently discussed the importance of arts education in her month-long series Culture in the Balance. Young Audiences was featured in the broadcast, which included an interview with Executive Director Cynnie Gaasch and recorded content from our Quiet in the Studio residency. Click here to listen to this broadcast.

This program was funded by Community Action Organization of Erie County through a grant provided by the New York State Education Department. More information is available by contacting the Young Audiences WNY office at 716.881.0917.