Honors Music CafeOn December 9, 2011 the youth participants of Honors Music Café hosted an open rehearsal at City Honors School. The program, created and presented by Young Audiences of Western New York, engaged and educated students in classical chamber music. Working with cellist Nancy Baun, participants improved their skills performing in small ensembles.

Funded by the Hooper Family Foundation and Young Audiences, Inc., Honors Music Café was created to implement Young Audiences’ Signature Core Services teaching model. This new model emphasizes activities that allow students to experience, understand, create with an art form, and to connect with other curricula and learn life skills. The Honors Music Café model, served as a model for 30 Young Audiences affiliates across the United States.

*Pictured Above: Acclaimed Cellist Nancy Baun with student participants of the Honors Music Cafe after school program at City Honors School