Mohamed Diably began playing the jembe at age seven, under the supervision of his elder brother Moustapha. By fifteen, he was asked to join a group sponsored by the wife of Guinea’s famous President Sekou Toure. Encouraged to continue by world famous jembefola Mamdy Keita, Mohamed joined Africa Djole, led by Fode Yulla. Mohamed later joined Les Merveilles de Guinea as lead drummer, touring all over West Africa, including Sierra Leone where he stayed for five years.

While still away from home, Kemoko Sano, Artistic Director of the world famous troupe Les Ballet Africains, had approached Mohamed’s father saying, “When your son returns, I want him to join my group because I love his drumming!!”

In April of 1995, Mohamed arrived in America to play at the New York City’s Symphony Space and within a few years he was in Atlanta directing Africa Sogaye, a Guinea style Dance and Drum Troupe as well as organizing Atlanta’s annual WAH WAH Drum and Dance Conference. Mohamed travels throughout the US, Canada, and Europe teaching drum and dance and promoting the music and culture of Guinea.

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Guinean Drum & Dance

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An interactive presentation highlighting the music, dance, songs, history, instruments and costumes from Guinea. Mohamed is committed to providing the historical and cultural relevance of each dance and rhythm piece he shares. Students will experience music while learning about the language, history, geography, meaning and purpose of each rhythm and/or dance.
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