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Marissa Lehner

Marissa Lehner is an artist and educator, who returned home to Buffalo after receiving her BFA from Alfred University. In 2010, Lehner and a small group of local artists founded Emerging Leaders of the Arts, Buffalo (ELAB). Marissa creates mixed-media interactive sculpture and large scale installations and exhibits in a range of galleries and unique… Read more »

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Kristin Brandt

Kristin Brandt is an emerging artist whose work has been on view at Artspace, Hallwalls, Buffalo Proper and the Burchfield-Penney Art Center. She is the co-founder of the local not-for-profit Urban Canvas Project of Buffalo. Carrying a degree from Moore College of Art and Design (Philadelphia, PA), Kristin is a dedicated fine artist, designer, and… Read more »

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Fotini Galanes

Fotini Galanes is best known for her unnamable intense themes that are said to “teeter strangely between the pure aesthetic experience and conceptual decay.” The artist’s motivation is personal and deeply based in vulnerability between the grotesque and exquisite. Obsessive in her method, Fotini draws with graphite and charcoal directly onto sturdy grounds, porcelain, paper… Read more »

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Mette Hata

Mette Hata has a master’s degree from Pratt Institute and a certificate in K-12 art education from Buffalo State College. Mette lived in New York City for nine years. She has traveled, lived, and shown her artwork on three continents, and enjoys meeting students of all ages and backgrounds. Mette’s teaching at Young Audiences is… Read more »

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Jeremy Stock

Jeremy has been drawing caricatures professionally since 2003.  He has worked all over the world, spending the majority of his time inside Darien Lake Theme Park in Western New York and Sea World California in San Diego.

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Phyllis Thompson

Phyllis Thompson works with fiber textiles, printmaking, photography and collage processes. Her work reflects the influence of her mother and grandmother who made quilts and other creations from recycled materials.

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Meg Robinson-Albers

Meg Robinson-Albers is a self-professed “kite-maven,” bringing the joy of kite making and the science of flying to students in all grade levels.

Robnison-Albers, a Buffalo native, received a B.A. in

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Jen Russo

Jen Russo is a visual artist who has been teaching in public and after school settings since 1998. She is a certified New York State art teacher and artist, and she focuses on figurative painting, murals and storyboard drawing. She also offers a variety of visual arts programs which include, but are not limited to, mandala designs and explorations in printmaking.

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Gerald Mead

Gerald Mead is an award-winning visual artist. His workshops expose students to collage and other artforms, using found objects and 3D to make art come alive. He is passionate about teaching, making, and collecting art.