Categories: Ensemble, Music.

Susie Rozler

Susan Rozler is a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, harmonica, bass, drums and world percussion), singer, performer and elementary music teacher. As a Young Audiences teaching artist, Susie brings her bag of tricks to each performance; delighting any age group with educational, inspirational and engaging songs.

Categories: Ensemble, Music.

Miché Fambro

Miché Fambro, a singer and instrumentalist, is the grandson of vaudeville performers. When he was young, Fambro was the neighborhood bandleader, mentoring his peers on a variety of instruments. As an adult, he has continued to compose music and mentor young musicians in workshops and online, through an online series of “Guitar Lessons.”

Categories: Dance, Ensemble.

Differential Flava Crew

Differential Flavor Crew (DFC) has been Buffalo’s premiere B-boy (hip-hop dance) crew for the past 10 years, bringing style and originality to the urban dance scene. This family-oriented event aims to unify the community through the essence of hip-hop, to promote healthy lifestyle choices, and to engage individuals positively through the art of B-boying.