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Traveling on the Erie Canal

Developed by Young Audiences of Western New York, this residency explores the Erie Canal’s history through a variety of art forms, inviting students to take a personal journey down the Canal by speaking through the voices of the era.

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Melissa Kate Project

This cabaret blues act is led by Melissa Kate Miller, an international recording artist, songwriter, stage and voice actress, writer, and poet. Students join in performance with musicians who have traveled across the world and emphasize the communicative power of music. American jazz, pop and rhythm and blues are the vehicle through which students learn and practice how to improvise, keep a beat, and express themselves through song.

Categories: Dance, Ensemble, Music.

Sol Y Sombra

Sol Y Sombra (formerly the Latin Jazz Project) was founded by the late Anibal Hernandez in 1999, and continues his mission today. Hernandez’ s intentions were to present Latin music to the Hispanic community, to help popularize the music in general, to make Latino culture available for educational purposes, and to provide guidance for the next generation of artists and performers.

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Configuration Dance Theatre

Established in 2000, Configuration Dance Theatre is a contemporary ballet company with dynamic and diverse programs, now based in Buffalo. The ensemble combines classical ballet’s formal traditions with modern dance’s dynamic expressiveness to create dramatic and emotional performances.

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Sarah Haykel

Sarah Haykel has been a professional dance instructor since 2003. She specializes in salsa dancing and Latin music and dance, focusing not only on timing, technique, rhythm, footwork, and styling, but on the historical and cultural aspects of Latin music and dance. She believes that dance inspires students to connect more fully with themselves, other people, cultural tradition, and the world in a fun, safe way.

Categories: Ensemble, Music.

Susie Rozler

Susan Rozler is a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, harmonica, bass, drums and world percussion), singer, performer and elementary music teacher. As a Young Audiences teaching artist, Susie brings her bag of tricks to each performance; delighting any age group with educational, inspirational and engaging songs.

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Miché Fambro

Miché Fambro, a singer and instrumentalist, is the grandson of vaudeville performers. When he was young, Fambro was the neighborhood bandleader, mentoring his peers on a variety of instruments. As an adult, he has continued to compose music and mentor young musicians in workshops and online, through an online series of “Guitar Lessons.”

Categories: Dance, Ensemble.

Differential Flava Crew

Differential Flavor Crew (DFC) has been Buffalo’s premiere B-boy (hip-hop dance) crew for the past 10 years, bringing style and originality to the urban dance scene. This family-oriented event aims to unify the community through the essence of hip-hop, to promote healthy lifestyle choices, and to engage individuals positively through the art of B-boying.