Project Summary

Funding has been secured for Young Audiences of Western New York to initiate and develop an Arts Partners model, named Arts Partners for Learning.  Arts Partners for Learning initiative is a core partner to and will receive administrative support from the new Arts Services Initiative of Western New York.

Rationale – Arts Partners coalitions – designed to provide enhanced arts education programming in both rural and urban communities – have been successfully implemented in Young Audience affiliate communities around the country.  These include: Northeast Texas (Big Thought), Kansas City, Northeast Ohio (Art is Education), Oregon (Right Brain Initiative), and Wichita.  Through a united cultural community, and new administrative support structures provided by Young Audiences, arts organizations, individual artists, and professional artist groups have gained access to work with schools, community centers, human service agencies, and libraries, and also secure significant leverage to support work with specific school districts, and improve the education provided to children.

Project Description – Young Audiences of Western New York is committed to spearheading implementation of Arts Partners for Learning here in Western New York as a program of the Arts Services Initiative.  Founded locally in 1962, and affiliated with a robust national network which reaches over 7 million school children a year, YA-WNY is ideally positioned to provide management and leadership in the arts education field for the urban, rural, and suburban communities in Western New York, through a centralized and satellite based action plan for the eight counties.

Arts Partners for Learning Goals

  • Expand the capacity of arts organizations and educational institutions, in order to harness the power of arts in education and learning in and through the arts;
  • Improve the educational attainment and future success of the region’s young people;
  • Provide Access to underserved children, artists, ensembles, and arts organizations;
  • Provide Service to the area’s wide cultural assets, regardless of size;
  • Create Centralized, effective and efficient delivery of services;
  • Ensure future audiences and supporters of the arts.

Services provided will include:

  • Efficient “one stop shopping” services for educators;
  • Marketing of artists and organizations;
  • Project management for school and outside of school partnerships;
  • Major grant and contract solicitation, and relationship building to expand the financial commitment to arts integration, in order to provide ongoing arts services;
  • Consistent, centralized management, documentation, assessment, research, and tracking of services for arts education providers throughout the eight counties;
  • Professional development for artists in order to market themselves to educational venues design, develop, and deliver quality arts learning experiences;
  • Professional development for educators, and human services providers in order to expand the client base for work with professional artists and arts organizations;
  • Support the work of the Greater Buffalo Cultural Alliance, Arts Councils, and Convention & Visitors Bureaus to strengthen arts and cultural community;
  • Engage family tourists in cultural experiences.


Please visit the official Arts Partners for Learning website